Spin and Win Real Money

Spin and win real money

Spin and Win Real Money games are best for players who really wish to take some risk with real Naira to win more. These games can be played online or offline with your mobile smartphones of any kind and even with your PC or tablet. To spin and win real money either you join an Nigerian friendly online casino or visit any real land casino physically and play the games. Also there are many mobile apps which allow you to spin and win real money and have fun playing real money games.

Games to Spin and Win Real  Money

There are wonderful games available to spin and win real money. Most common are slots and wheel games to spin and win with your own currency that is Naira. Here are the some of the awesome spin games which you will really enjoy at online casinos and Live casinos Nigeria in real Naira.

Slots Machines to Spin

Mobile slots to spin and win real money

Slots are best to spin and win real money. These games are simple to play and don’t need any skill or strategy to play. These slot machines are for spinning only and winning is purely your luck that is why they are called games of chance. There are variety of slots to spin. The classic slots are 3 reel and 5 reel games where as the new video slots are even 6 reels to spin. You simply have to line up matching symbols across a payline and slots will reward you instantly with a payout. Video slots are the most innovative and creative take on the game and feature incredible animations, amazing graphics, added bonus features and storylines that unfold as the reels roll. When playing video sots players can choose their line bet and the amount of paylines they wish to activate, and the larger the bet, the bigger your chances of winning.

One of the lucrative spin and win slots are the progressive and jackpot slots. Because if you are lucky to win you will win really something big which can make you a millionaire instantly. These progressive games feature an accumulative jackpot that grows every time a bet is placed like the popular Mega Moolah progressive, as a percentage of the wager is added to the pot. These jackpots can grow to over a million and it takes a single spin for a player to strike it lucky.

The heart of the slot machine is the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG starts working as soon as the slot machine is turned on, and spits out random numbers, usually between 0 and several million, at a rate of 300-500 per second. The RNG never stops working, and is not influenced by any outside factors, so the numbers are always totally random.

Progressive slots

Modern slot machines at casinos and online both work in the same way. When you place your bet and press the “Spin” button, the slot machine takes the next few values from the RNG and processes them through a complex computer program to determine the values that the reels should have. Suppose you play on a standard 5-line slot machine. When you press the “Spin” button, the slots machine will grab the next 5 numbers from the RNG and store these in it’s memory. The slots machine uses the first number to determine the position of the first reel, the second number determines the position of the second reel, and so on.

Slot machines are programmed to deliver a precise return percentage, somewhere around 95 per cent which means 95 per cent of the money that goes into a slots machine is paid back out to the players and the casino keeps the rest. Finally note that no matter what you do to a slots machine, you cannot change what it is programmed to do as it is a computer designed electronic device to take in more money than it pays out and there is no skill to win them so play wisely.

Poker Machines to Spin

Poker Machines to spin

Online poker games at casinos tend to come in the form of video poker games which are a mix between the traditional card game and slot machines. Like the traditional game you have five card and you must choose which to discard and which to keep to create the best hand possible and win.  These machines are also spin games where you spin the reels and play the best hand of poker.

Here also there are the progressive video poker games are like any other variant or video poker in as much as each game is completely random so the jackpots could in theory be won at any time. The payout for the best video poker hand is not fixed at a specific amount, but “progresses” and grows. The progressive jackpot is initially set at a certain amount, and then, every time anyone plays the video poker game in any online casino, more money gets added to the pot. You can actually see the jackpot grow as the numbers turn on the Jackpot Meter on your screen.

There is no limit to the size of the progressive jackpot. It just keeps growing until one lucky video poker gambler hits the winning combination and takes home the money. Then the progressive jackpot goes back to its original setting and immediately starts growing again.

One such game is Jackpot Deuces Video poker developed by Microgaming  to be played at casinos. This game offers to play with different currencies according to the country casino in which you wish to play.

The way this progressive video poker game has been designed and structured is that when playing it for maximum coins if you are dealt out the Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds in any order then you will win the current value of the progressive jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter. One thing to note however about this variant is that the coin values are fixed at 1.00 and as such a maximum 5 coin hand will cost you 5.00 per game to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

The average amount that the jackpot grows to in value before being won is N35,738 or whatever currency you have to chosen to play it for and on average that jackpot paying hand is dealt out once every 29 days in total, so keep that in mind if you decide to give this game some play time online.

Poker machines to spin in Naira

Another such poker game is Supajax Video Poker that comes with a special additional playing card in the deck and the way in which you will win the progressive jackpot is to be dealt out that one playing card along with all of the Jack playing cards in one single hand. That game has paid out some very large amounts of cash over the years however on average the amount of cash won by each player is N50,322 and the jackpot tends to be awarded on average once every 45 days. Note that though much like the game above the coin values on the Supajax progressive jackpot video poker game are fixed at 1.00 and you do have to play all five coins per game to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

The payout percentages on offer on progressive video poker games are usually not as high as the payout percentages on offer on some of the more standard types of non progressive video poker games so if you do want the best chance of winning you will probably be best off playing those more standard variants.

Roulette Machines to Spin

Roulette spin and win real money

Roulette is another spin game where you bet on where the ball will land when the wheel is spun. There are lots of different betting options and while this is a game of chance, there are strategies and techniques you can use to increase your chances of winning. This game is categroized under table games and there are different versions or variations of the game available to play. The most popular to be played at the casinos is the American roulette.

If you choose American roulette it has usually a double zero on the layout because of the way the game is played. The American style roulette table with a wheel at one end is the most played version of the game in casinos worldwide. Also there are different types of bets and these are closely related to the roulette wheel. Depending on the version (one zero or double zeros) the numbers on the wheel are located clockwise like 0, 28, 9, 26, 30, 11, 7, 20, 32, 17, 5, 22, 34, 15, 3, 24, 36, 13, 1, 00, 27, 10, 25, 29, 12, 8, 19, 31, 18, 6, 21, 33, 16, 4, 23, 35, 14, 2 Now when it comes to the overall lay out, your betting strategy should be closely related to the position of the numbers.

Roulette wheel to spin

As there are many variations of Roulette game besides American Roulette. You should know the differences in the roulette wheel of tall these variations and understand the game rule to improve your gaming and your chance to win the game. Like in European roulette which is played with a single zero; it uses the same layout and roulette wheel that the American version does with the same sequence of numbers, except for this little difference. On the French Roulette you will find a wide table layout and Stickmen that handle the chips. It is important to remember that the American version can include both a 0 and a 00, in some European casinos you will notice that the American Roulette with a single zero is known as Fair Roulette. That extra zero might not be very appealing to some players as it means that the house has a better edge.

Unless you try your hands on Roulette you cannot understand these above bets. You should always play the roulette game and find which type of bet or which roulette wheel you are comfortable playing with.

Wheel Games to Spin

Spin n win

Wheel games are rising in popularity these days at online casinos. These games to spin vary in terms of the style and design of the wheel to how the wheel is situated in the game. Most wheel games have a betting table or poker chips for betting. Wheel games can be in the form of a roulette game or may look like a popular game show like in Wheel of Winners and Wheel of Riches. Fortune Wheel and Lucky Wheel. In these games players will make bets using poker chips and then spin the wheel to win.

Players can bet on specific numbers, on higher or lower numbers or odd and even.  There are a few wheel games like Wheel of Light that break the mold with a futuristic design with what looks more like a dial than a wheel.  Win real cash and even play in wheel games with lucrative jackpots. Playing wheel games is easy and exciting and can be found at both online and live casinos. You can spin Wheel of Fortune, Spin n Win , Dream Catcher and other such games at the casinos.

Wheel of Wealth

Also Wheel games range in ‘how to play’ depending on the ‘type’ of wheel game you are playing. As for wheel games there are some that are game show related like Wheel of Winners and Money Wheel. Some of the wheel games are set up against the backdrop of a baccarat table or other table casino game. In Wheel of Light, for instance, players use varying poker chips, ranging in value from $0.20 to $25.00 to make bets before clicking on the play button. Once players click on the button the dial will turn and the place where the counter ends or where the ‘ball’ lands will reveal whether there has been a win or not depending on where the clips were placed. Chips can be places not only on numbers but also on ranges of numbers, hi or lo, and odd or even.

These games look like roulette game and designs and themes vary along with options for betting. You can make higher wagers and in some games players can bet on lower wagers. There are even Asian-variants to wheel games like in Lucky Star where players not only pick numbers but on colors. Three Wheeler is another game that has multiple wheels that turn and spin; Super Disc is another in a long-line of wheel games for those who love to spin that wheel.

Now get ready to spin and win real money at these spin games. Simply join any Nigerian friendly online casino with your mobile or PC and make a deposit in real Naira and start spinning these games to win real money.