Two New Slot Games To Enjoy At Online Casinos Right Now

Two new slot games to enjoy at online casinos right now

New slot games are simply awesome to play. The new slot games are available from time to time at online casinos and they come with many no deposit offers and other bonuses to  play and win. You are given a choice to either try the game first for free or play with real money the new slot game, and that is perfectly your selection which option to choose. Play new slot game for free doesn’t need any money deposit at the online casino and when playing new slot game for real money you need to make a real money deposit of few Nairas obviously and if you win yu can get your payout in real money too.

Recently two new slot games were launched at online casinos to play and win. You will love these new slot game to play even with your mobile.

1. Take The Shot Street

Take the shot street

Take The Shot Street is new slot game that gives you the chance to take penalties to win big! Each consecutive shot you score will increase the pot, will you cash out and take your winnings, or dare to win it all Take The Shot Street is a simple penalty shootout game where the object of the game is to choose your target and score. There are several penalty takers featuring different skill ratings which affect the target multipliers, and your chances of beating the goalkeeper. The game features a rolling pot, where the more consecutive goals scored, the bigger the prize pot becomes. If you’re not feeling ice in your veins, you can choose to cash in half the pot and gamble the rest.

Select your stake value and take your first shot! The more consecutive shots you score, the bigger your pot will be, but be careful, if you miss one shot your pot will be back to zero!

Once the game has loaded, the player will be presented with the main play screen and the option to select your initial stake, you will be unable to change your stake until your bet is over. Once chosen and play starts, this cannot be changed until a new game is started. The game will choose a random penalty taker for each shot. Each player profile has a star rating which affects his chances to score and can be viewed on the left side of the screen.

Now choose your target. There are 7 fixed targets around the goal area. Depending on the penalty taker, the risks increase closer to the keeper, but the rewards are greater.

This game features a rolling pot, which means scoring consecutive goals increases the prize pot. After each goal scored, you can choose to:

  • Risk it all and select another target.
  • Collect your winnings and star a new game.
  • Collect half your winnings and continue to play the remaining half.

Your selection wins when you select a target, and your penalty taker is successful with his shot and scores a goal. Winnings are only added to your balance when you have collected your pot. Any turn where your penalty taker has his shot saved by the goalkeeper is a losing bet.

Game controls in the game are :

  • Select Stake – Press and use up/down bumpers to adjust the bet amount.
  • Goal Targets – Select where to kick the ball.
  • Collect – All winnings are transferred to player’s balance.
  • Collect Half – Half of pot is banked and will be transferred to players balance when the next penalty is missed.

The minimum stakr here is 50.00 and maximum is 200000. The maxium payout you can win is 1000000. The Theoretical % RTP (Return To Player) for Take the Shot Street is  98.00%.

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2. Spin Big

Spin Big

Spin Big is a bigger and better Wheel of Fortune game with different colours signifying stake multipliers. To play you must bet on a colour on the wheel. if the paddle stops at that colour your stake will be multiplied by that colours amount.

 Select the value of your chips and bet on any of the colours along the bottom. Your stake will appear on top of the colour or colours you have selected. Once happy with your selection press Spin to see where the wheel stops. If the wheel stops on a colour you have selected, you win!

Also there is another version of this game at online casinos called Spin and Win where the objective is to spin the wheel spin in hope that the notch will end up on the colours/multipliers that you have bet on. The player bets varied stakes on each colour/multiplier, with colours varying in frequency across the wheel. The higher the multiplier, the less frequent the colour is present on the wheel, and vice versa. If the notch lands on any particular colour, it will multiply the stake you have placed on that colour which will be translated into your winnings for that spin.

The colours that are present on the board are yellow (x2), blue (x4), red (x5), green (x10), pink (2x) and white (x40). These colours range from most frequent to least frequent respective of their multiplier value. 1, 2 & 4 spins are also present on the wheel which give the player free spins.

Starting the game is done so by selecting the stake amount you wish to place on a given colour, then pressing spin.

First, select your stake. Stake options range from 50, 100, 250, 500, 2.5k, and 10k and are visible at the bottom left of the screen and are presented as chips. The player can choose to stack chips if they so wish to come to an amount that is not available by one chip on its own.

Second, decide which colour(s) you want to bet on for each spin. The available colours to bet on are visible at the bottom of the screen, where clicking on a colour will place the selected bet down onto it.

Once bets have been placed, pressing ‘spin’ located at the bottom right of the game screen will engage the game. Pressing ‘rebet’ will repeat the previous bet you placed, where autoplay can also be selected which automatically rebets and spins for a selectable amount of times.

Game Controls in the game are :

  • Chips: click these to choose stake;
  • Speed: decide how quickly the wheel will spin (this has no effect on outcome);
  • Rebet: repeat the previous selections and stake;
  • X2: this repeats the previous selections, but with double the stake;
  • Clear: clears all selections;
  • Autoplay: chose how many times you want to automatically rebet;
  • Spin: engage the game/spin.

When the wheel has finished spinning, depending on which colour/multiplier the notch ends up on decides A) whether the player has won from that spin or B) how much you win depending on stake.

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