What Are The Best Easy EFT Online Casinos To Play Slots With Real Money?    

What are the best Easy EFT online casinos to play slots with real money

Easy EFT online casinos are those that offer Easy EFT payment modes. Exclusive for African players Easy EFT is one of the payment modes owned and managed by South African residents. This means EasyEFT is crafted especially for SA residents and enables account transaction in Rands or ZAR, so you don’t have to worry about currency conversions and the fees associated with it.

What is Easy EFT?

What is EasyEFT
Easy EFT is a online payment mode for African punters

EasyEFT is an electronic funds transfer system hence abbreviated as EFT that enables secure online payments. What it does is that it transfers money directly from your bank account to that of an online casino or some other merchant  and vice versa.

You don’t have to undergo any registration, and no credit cards are required. All you need is a bank account, you’re good to go.  

The system is linked to a bank account from which money is paid out and deposited to. This makes it not only simple, fast and convenient, but because money never leaves the banking system, doubtlessly safe thanks to high security measures implemented by the banking industry.

EasyEFT will not charge any fees for your transactions, no matter which direction the money is moving. However, some banks may. It might be a good idea to check in advance so that you avoid potential disappointments when it’s too late to do anything about it.

South African players can use Easy EFT to fund their casino accounts regardless of the device used as it is  available on desktops as well as smartphones and tablets. 

This instant transfer option is available with the following South African banks:

  • ABSA
  • FNB

All deposits are automatically processed in South African Rand (ZAR)

How to make a deposit with Easy EFT at online casinos?

How to make a deposit with Easy EFT at online casinos
Select EFT Pay Option at the cashier

First select the online casino that offers Easy EFT deposits and withdrawals.

That is very simple to find out as you can simply go to the banking page of the online casino you are interested in playing real money slots. Easy EFT payment option will be listed on that page.

Now as a casino account holder as a player you just select your bank and simply follow the steps required to process the EasyEFT deposit. All you need to do is, once you’ve selected a casino best suitable for your gaming needs and made sure it in fact offers Easy EFT, to then choose the simple method in question and follow on-screen instructions to finalize the transfer.

deposit with Easy EFT at online casinos
Enter the amount of deposit

 Easy EFT operates as a link between your existing personal bank account and the casino cashier, so the money remains inside the limits of the banking system. The speed of transfer is instantaneous, without any necessity of converting the original currency into any other coinage. Though  the minimal deposit amount is usually a sum of 25 Rands the casino asks you R71 or R100 as minimum deposits to play real money slots with Easy EFT payments.

Easy EFT at online casinos
Select your bank to complete the transfer

Then complete the simple, guided process to make an online payment through your bank. 

Login to your bank account to fund the casino
  • First select EFTPay from the cashier page
  • Next enter the amount of deposit
  • Then select your bank through which the payment will be processed
  • Next login to your bank via the internet mode or as called online or netbanking
  • Now complete your transaction
  • Once done your deposit payment will be credited to your online casino account at once.
  • The minimum deposit with EFT payment is R71 and maximum deposit is R100000 and the deposit is instant.

Withdrawals with Easy EFT

When it comes to withdrawals or cashing out, Easy EFT is also a convenient option. The only predicament is that in the case of withdrawals the process takes a bit longer, and a player can be kept waiting as long as a couple of days for withdrawing his payout. The service itself requires no fees of its own, but you might encounter a casino that charges for using Easy EFT services through their platform. Also, you can be charged with certain fees depending on the choice of bank you have made some banks do like to remind you of their existence this way.

Note that few online casinos do not offer withdrawal option with Easy EFT.

Advantages of EasyEFT

There are many benefits of using Easy EFT as a payment mode to fund your online casino account.

  • The payment mode is safe and secure.
  • It is locally based so best suits African punters.
  • You use your own domestic currency to pay the casino for real money gambling.
  • No use of credit card or to register anywhere.
  • It works like netbanking and is easy to transact and keep record of your payments.

Disadvantages of Easy EFT

The only disadvantage of Easy EFT is that at the time of withdrawal the time to process might be a bit longer.

What are the best Easy EFT online casinos to play slots with real money?

Following are the best Easy EFT online casinos to play slots with real money.

1. Springbok Casino

Springbok Casino
Springbok Casino

2. Bet9ja


3. Casino.com

Casino.com SA

4. Betway

Betway Nigeria for sports betting and casinos

5. Spin Casino

Spin Casino

6. Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot city


Q1. Can you make a withdrawal in ZAR via EasyEFT?

As a banking method established and operated by the company owned by South African residents, EasyEFT allows you to make transactions in ZAR both deposits and withdrawals.

Q2. What is Smart EFT?

Smart EFT is a popular payment method among South African players, Smart EFT is a fast and secure way to make both deposits and withdrawals from your casino account. All transactions are done in Rand, which helps players avoid paying currency exchange fees. You won’t need to create a Smart EFT account, just log in with your bank credentials to make the transfer.

Q3. What is Swiffy EFT?

Swiffy EFT with a deposit limit of R100,000 Swiffy EFT is an excellent payment method for all players. The service is compatible with most major South African banks and provides safe, secure, and extremely fast way of depositing money to your casino bankroll. Swiffy EFT users can avoid most fees, as the transactions are done with South African Rand (ZAR).

Q4. Is EasyEFT a safe banking method?

All your transactions will be processed on the EasyEFT platform, so you don’t have to reveal your data to the casino. You can focus on the gameplay without worries about the safety of your funds and data as they will be 100% secure when using EasyEFT.

Q5. Is there any additional fees when making transactions via EasyEFT?

Online casinos do not charge additional fees on transactions completed with EasyEFT. However, the service provider or bank may impose certain costs for using its platform, so visit the provider’s official website to learn more about additional expenses charged for using EasyEFT.

Q6. How long does it take to process deposits and withdrawals with EasyEFT?

All deposits made via EasyEFT are instant and free. These are some of the reasons South African players prefer this banking method to other options available. As for withdrawals, they may take up to several days, so check out cashout timeframes at the particular casino you have registered with.